Have y’all heard all the craze about Trim Healthy Mama?  These two Christian ladies (sisters, actually) wrote a book about their struggles with finding the right way to shed their unwanted pounds, with a few other things thrown in for good measure.  They wrote it from a Christian, biblical point of view, but aren’t super pushy about it and are very down-to-earth and real. 

They sent me the PDF E-book for review!! I am not done reading the book yet, but so far I am LOVING it! It goes through the ‘philosophy’ of the program and why they came up with it and then it goes through each of the meal styles (S [satisfying], E [energizing], etc.) and what they do and why. 

It even gives you scriptures about what God says about certain foods and diet.   It’s fabulous.  If you’re not big on the bible or Christianity (which I can’t imagine) don’t worry,  they don’t push it down your throat or anything.  I would suggest though , that if you don’t know Christ as your Lord and Saviour, you get that taken care of!  See my Romans Road page for more information on that!!  :)

When I finish reading the book (or maybe even before!),  I am going to get started right away on this plan and I am going to give it a good month-six weeks and then I will be doing a full review of this book/plan.  But I have to be honest, so far I am loving what I see.  If it works half as well as I imagine it will, I will be one happy, trim healthy mama!!  ;)

In the coming days, weeks and months I will be sharing my weight loss journey along with recipes, tips and tricks.  I may even share before and after photos along the way!  Excited to start this.  I have a year (My sister is getting married September 5, 2015) to lose about 75#’s.  I think that is totally feasible! 

Til we meet again…Hugs and prayers   xo


Remember a while back I told you on twitter that I had a review coming up for some pizza I had tried?  Well here it is!! I was not compensated in any way for this review and I wasn’t even provided product.  I actually won these on another blog!!  Opinions given are mine and mine alone!! 

I don’t know about you, but pizza is one of the things I miss most since going gluten-free!  The texture, the taste, all of it.  It is really hard to find good gluten-free pizza.  That’s assuming you can even find gluten-free pizza.

I was visiting a blog back in April and entered a giveaway for these and I won!! I just received my pizzas a couple weeks ago!  Yes, it took that long to get them.  Something about getting a new distributor, and running into problems blah blah blah.  I sent several e-mails and contacted them on Facebook a couple of times…If I hadn’t kept harassing them, I might never have gotten them! So, I really can’t recommend them for their customer service, but their pizza?!?! AMAZING!!

At least this one…

Anthony Russo Pizza Chicken Rustica Box Anthony Russo Pizza Chicken Rustica

It’s their Chicken Rustica.  It is delicious.  It says it’s all natural ingredients and it’s minimally processed.  That, to me, is perfection!    It’s got spinach, feta, tomatoes, chicken and I don’t know what else, but it’s sublime!  I loved it. My daughter had some and a fellow gluten-free friend shared it with me and they loved it, too!  I highly recommend this pizza!!

Unfortunately these delicious pizzas are only available in select cities, and distributed by select stores…

 Distributors include:

  • Randall & Tom Thumb (Austin, Dallas and Houston stores)
  • Kroger (Select locations in Dallas and Houston)
  • Rice Epicurean (All locations in Houston market)
  • Beldens (All locations in Houston market)
  • Reasor’s (All locations in Oklahoma market)
  • AJ’s (All locations in Phoenix market)

Here’s to hoping they will be available everywhere soon!!  ;)

Bon Appétit!


Sorry I haven’t been around much lately.  I am having a hard time juggling camp, home, church, life, family, health, etc. It has been busy, busy, busy around here. And when I get home in the evening, I just don’t feel like getting on the computer.  Once things settle down here at camp a little, I will be able to blog more!  I have some recipes I want to try soon, too.  But since I am cooking for camp most of the time, I am not trying a  lot of new stuff at home. I am keeping it real simple here at the house….when we are even here! Which isn’t real often lately!

I try to visit your blogs as often as I can and keep up with what y’all are doing. I do that on my phone quite a bit.  I have even posted on here from my phone a couple of times.  Isn’t that so cool?!?!? Love it!  

That’s all for now…gotta get back up to camp and help with registration. 

Hugs and prayers that you all are having a fabulous summer!!  xoxo

Not Sure If I Can Really Call This A Recipe?!?

Can this really be called a recipe? I mean it’s some fruit cut up and put in a bowl… LOL But I’ll tell you one thing, it’s GOOD!  And it will curb a sweet tooth!  Your brain doesn’t know the difference between reined sugar and fruit sugar so this will end cravings for sugar! Your taste buds, now that’s another story…just close your eyes and pretend it’s dark chocolate!  ;)

Here we goooo!

Fruit Bowl Divine
Serves 1
Fruit bowl good for any time of day. Takes care of that sweet tooth you can't get rid of and it full of vitamins, too!
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Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
Get This
  1. 1/2 large ripe peach, washed and pitted
  2. 1/2 c. fresh blueberries, washed and dried
  3. 8 medium strawberries, washed and hulled
  4. sweetener of choice, to taste (I used Splenda. Have used Stevia before with great results)
Do This
  1. Chop washed and hulled strawberries into bite size pieces and put into serving bowl.
  2. Add blueberries to bowl and gently stir fruit to mix.
  3. Sprinkle fruit with sweetener of choice til desired sweetness is attained.
  4. Chop peach into bit size piece and add to bowl.
  5. Gently stir fruit to mix.
  6. Enjoy!
  1. See? Easy Peasy! Hardly can even call it a recipe! Feel free to add or omit fruits you do not like or that you are allergic to! :) I have made this with grapes, bananas, oranges, pineapple, etc. The possibilities are endless!
The (Gluten-Free!) Food Gurly
Love fresh fruit! If you are doing a low-carb diet, peaches and berries are fine, stay away from bananas and pineapple… and sometimes it’s good to cycle a high carb day in there just to mix things up!

Bon Appétit!  xoxo

Gluten Intolerant

Being gluten-intolerant is not a fad.  A gluten-free diet can be, but not for someone like me.

A while back, my family and I went to Subway and I had a 6 inch sub on their flatbread.  I had only a slightly reaction.  A rash on my hands and some slight pin-prick sensations on my arms and back. No other reaction that I noticed that day.

So we were over at my husband’s grandmother’s yesterday and they have a pizza place in town that makes THE BEST pizza ever! I convinced my hubby to get pizza for dinner.

That was a mistake. It could be because I had too much or it could just be because I had it. Either way, I am not in too big a hurry to have it again any time soon.

I have had a headache all day, nausea,  the room has even been spinning, I have a rash on my face and hands, I have the pin prick sensations again and I am itchy.

Even THE BEST pizza ever isn’t worth all this!! I am so sad I won’t be able to have it anymore though.

So sad….  :( 

I’m Still Here!

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth or anything like that… yet!  I have been super busy with camp. 

Up at 6 or 7 and to bed at midnight or after.  Camp is a lot of work but it’s also a lot of fun and a huge blessing! 

Just wanted to touch base with y’all and say Hey.  Hey!  

Hope you are all well and enjoying your summer. Mine is busy busy busy as usual! 


Eggs Are Good Any Time Of Day!!

I can eat eggs morning noon or night with no problem.  I love them scrambled, fried or in an omelet, I LOVE eggs.  I love them hard boiled and poached, too! Deviled eggs are also good.  Although I’m not sure why they’re called that…

This recipe just happened to be a breakfast but I, as you have just learned, am an equal opportunity egg consumer.  This would make a great lunch or dinner as well. Now without further ado, the fabulous recipe!  This also happens to be an Atkins approved meal! 

Eggs N' Ham
Eggs and Ham
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Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
5 min
Total Time
10 min
Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
5 min
Total Time
10 min
Get This
  1. 1 T. coconut oil
  2. 3 slices cooked ham, diced
  3. 1/4 c. shredded cheddar cheese
  4. 2 eggs
  5. 1/4 c. heavy whipping cream
  6. whatever seasonings you like, to taste
Do This
  1. Heat coconut oil in a medium size skillet.
  2. While heating oil, dice ham; fry in oil til slightly browned.
  3. While ham is frying, scramble eggs with cream and seasonings; add to ham.
  4. Cook eggs til desired consistency.
  5. Add cheese when eggs are done and heat to melt cheese.
  6. Enjoy!
  1. You can use diced ham instead of ham slices. Also, you can use any cheese you like and it doesn't have to be shredded, it can be cubed.
The (Gluten-Free!) Food Gurly
 So good!!

Have you entered my Ardenne Farm Giveaway yet??? Get over there and enter!!   :)

Bon Appétit!  xo